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The Music Composing Course

Compose & produce songs and music for TV, cinema & theatre...
No previous experience or knowledge needed

About the Course

The Music Composition Course is designed for the people who express themselves through music, whether it's instrumental or with lyrics, in any kind of form, such as a song, a soundtrack piece, music for theatre, for the cinema, for advertising...

Listen, Learn, Create, Produce. Learn how to create melodies and chord progressions, how to record and mix. how to produce and promote your music. Find out how the Music Business operates and kick-start your career starting here. 

No previous experience needed.


  • Develop your artistic internal voice.

  • Discover your Creative Identity.

  • Write more songs and produce more music.

  • Experiment on new forms of creativity.

  • Promote your works to the world market.

  • Get your own professional website.

  • Create a network of artists and other professionals.

  • Promote yourself and your music compositions.

  • Release your songs via our Music Label.

EDU Course Content


  • Digital Music Composer: Basic Level

  • Final Project Preparation


  • Digital Music Composer:  Advanced Level

  • Final Project Preparation


  • Digital Music Composer: Professional Level

  • Final Project Preparation

Music Production