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The Artivity

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About Veramand Artivity

VERAMàND Artivity was established in 2016. It has adopted a “Business Model” that is quite unique as a Music Label and a Publishing House. We respects artists, as we too are artists.  Our business model is based on artistic cooperation and partnership. You have a significant role in the artistic control and decision making process, something that you will rarely find in traditional Music Label and Publishing contracts. We built a trustful relationship with you, where transparency in everything plays a very important role. We stand beside you along the creative process. We provide support. We help you release your projects.

What makes us Unique!

  • We too are artists.

  • Our Music Label will support your official releases.

  • Our Publishing house will help you get published.

  • Our Studio will produce your artistic works.

  • We decide together what is best for your career.

  • We create your public image and your artistic website.

  • We help you understand how the industry operates.

  • We provide ISRC / ISBN codes to register your copyright.

  • We consult you, advice you, help you negotiate contracts.

  • You keep your copyright. We teach you how to manage it.

Record Piles

Music Label • Publishing

Some of the services we offer

Artist Development
Portfolio production
Artistic Training
Studio Training
Business Training
Audio Productions
Video Productions
Website creation
Social Media Management
Public Image Management
Artists Consulting
Contract Consulting
Promotional Strategy
Career Development
Copyright Management
Music Distribution
Official Releases
Copyright Management
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