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VERAMàND has adopted a “Business Model” that is quite unique as a Music Label and a Publishing Company.

The model respects the artist - creator - performer, as well as the production side. It is basically a cooperation, a partnership for each project, where the artist has a significant role in the decision making process, something that is rare for traditional Music Labels and Publishers.

We built a trustful relationship with the artist, where transparency plays a very important factor. We stand beside the artist along the procedure of creation, production, communication, promotion and release of the artistic project, so that the artist can be truly proud of the final outcome.

We initially discuss the project and find possible ways (business plans) for the project to come to life. We calculate the total cost and possible income revenue of the artistic investment.

Thus, both sides (the artist and the company) co-invest and co-operate to make the project a reality.

This is how we have managed to create an artistic organization that supports the artist. After all, we too are artists.


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