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Cover Songs Licensing • Original Songs Licensing • Copyright Agreements

About Licensing

Any original artistic work in bound by Copyright law, in the EU, USA and the world.

  • Publishing rights are automatically owned by creators (song-writers, authors, lyricists, photographers).

  • Mechanical rights (master recordings) for audio are automatically owned by producers

  • Mechanical rights (master recordings) for video are automatically owned by producers and directors.

  • Publishers rights are owned by publishers.

You can license your work to others under specific agreements, or get license from others to use their work. 

In any case, we can help you with copyright management.

Services we offer:

  • License agreements for your original works of any kind.

  • ISRC codes for Audio & Video Recordings.

  • ISBN codes for Books, eBooks and publications.

  • Licensing for cover songs and other digital music tracks. 

  • Consulting for copyright agreements.

  • Audio 'polishing' for your video recordings.

  • Stereo Mastering services for your tracks.

  • Online distribution of your music via our Music Label.

  • Promotional strategy & implementation of your releases.

  • You keep your copyright. We teach you how to manage it.

Signing a Contract
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