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The Business Course

Online Business, Sales, Copyright Management, Communication, Promotion and more.
No previous experience or knowledge needed

About the Course

The Business Course is designed for everyone who wishes to upgrade their 'Business Thinking' ways and/or start a creative business, physically or online. Get comfortable with Public Speaking through the 3D•Speech® method and go deeper into how the creative industries operate. Manage projects, people, customers, and make the Internet your ally. Start your professional career here, with us. 

No previous experience needed.


  • Discover Your Business Thinking.

  • Become a confident Public Speaker.

  • Develop your communicational skills.

  • Design & Deliver stunning Keynote Presentations.

  • Get comfortable with Technology & the Internet.

  • Create a professional network.

  • Learn about Copyright & Intellectual Property.

  • Become a Professional in today’s global world.

  • Promote yourself & your work.

EDU Course Content


  • Business Thinking Basics

  • Final Project Preparation


  • Business Thinking Advanced

  • Final Project Preparation


  • Business Thinking Master

  • Final Project Preparation

Business Meeting
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