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3D•Speech ®

Vocal development: for public speaking, presenting, teaching and more...
Major: public speaking.
Minor: multimedia.

About the Course

This "3D•Speech ® method Signature Course" was created to take presenters and public speakers in a journey to discover their voice and develop their skills. Develop your expressive tools. Discover what makes you a unique public speaker. Inspire your audience. Develop your business and create a fan base. Use the method to teach, or provide training and facilitation. Develop your presentational skills applicable to any business environment and make productions & digital media to promote your business, your career and yourself. 

No previous experience needed.


  • Develop your internal voice.

  • Discover yourself through 3D•Speech.

  • Use technology to promote your activities.

  • Prepare a portfolio of works.

  • Teach, Present, Engage the audience. Inspire.

  • Create a network of professionals.

  • Get your own website presence.

  • Learn how the you can promote your self.

  • Release your projects in the global market.

Diploma Modules