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3D•Singing ® Webinars

Enter the magical world of musical theatre.
Discover the performer within.

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The Method

About the Workshops

The "3D•Singing ® method" Online Courses take you through a journey of personal development to discover yourself and your vocal skills. Online Courses are offered as:

  • Recorded Webinars

  • Live webinars with Q & A

You can choose to attend to any course, of any level, in any order, but we strongly advise you to follow the series of courses as displayed below, starting from the Basic Level online courses, to the Advanced and then Master levels.


No previous experience needed.


  • Develop the Singer within.

  • Discover yourself through 3D•Singing.

  • Vocal expression & interpretational development.

  • Recording Studio practice with mic control.

  • Prepare a portfolio of works.

  • Get your own artistic website published online.

  • Create a network of artists and other professionals.

  • Learn how the Music & Entertaining Business works.

  • Release your own original Album.

  • You can become a Certified Trainer of the 3D•Singing method only through attending the Diploma Course or the Physical Workshops.




About the Basic Level Online Course

3D•Basic Tools ®

3D•Breathing Tools ®
3D•Resonating Tools ®
3D•Case Study ®
3D•Vocal Design ®

3D•Expression Tools ®

3D•Expression Tools ®
3D•Case Study ®
3D•Vocal Design ®

3D•Projection Tools ®

3D•Vowels Tool ®
3D•Consonants Tool ®
3D•Projection Tool ®


About the Master Level Online Course

3D•Confidence Tools ®

3D•Perspective ®
3D•Empowering Tools ®
3D•Identity Tools ®

3D•Uniqueness Tools ®

3D•Artistic Vision ®
3D•eXistence ®
3D•Pitching ®

3D•Career Tools ®

3D•Fans ®
3D•Repertoire ®
3D•Branding ®
3D•Strategy ®


About the Advanced Level Online Course

3D•Performance Tools ®

3D•Zooming Tool ®
3D•Time Tool ®

3D•Connection Tools ®

3D•Spae Tool ®
3D•Vibrations ®
3D•Reflection Tool ®

3D•Stage Tools ®

3D•Relaxing Tools ®
3D•Stress Management ®
3D•Focus Tools ®
3D•Recording Tools ®
3D•Live Tools ®
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