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Commercial composition & production
for Advertising, TV, cinema and the web.

Major: multimedia creation.
Minor: online business.

About the Course

The Multimedia•Art Course is designed for people who want to be creative with digital media and work as freelancer Multimedia Producers globally. We take your personal laptop and turn it into a media production business, using modern tools and the Internet. Develop your eye, enrich your knowledge, discover ways to make yourself a unique professional. Produce your productions & media, and publish the globally to start your international career. 

No previous experience needed.


  • Become a "Multimedia Producer & Composer".

  • Discover your Producer’s Identity.

  • Studio Practice in Sound & Image.

  • Prepare a portfolio of works.

  • Get your own professional website online.

  • Create a network of artists and other professionals.

  • Learn how the Media Business works.

  • Release your Digital Works to the world.

  • Become a freelance media professional.

Video Camera Lens

Diploma Modules