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Video Production: Advanced Level

Module Description

Digital Video Production is a combination of Moving Image, Lights and Colours, together with Sound. Video art is complex as it combines Bothe Image and Audio, moving in time. Our approach is pretty simple: On the Basic Level we teach you everything technical. On the Advanced Level we develop your producers’ eyes and ears. On the Master Level we make you a professional, by investing in practical experience and evolution of your aesthetically approach.


Advanced Technical Skills:
• Apple & Logic Pro X: Professional Production in a Laptop
• Music Technology: Physical instrument emulation & Electronic Sound Synthesis.
• Analogue Vs Digital Sound
• Digital Audio Formats (uncompressed and compressed formats)
• Audio Devices (Sound Cards, Mixers, Synthesisers, Sound Speakers)
• MIDI Devices (Keyboards, Controllers, MIDI interfaces)

The Producer’s Lab: Advanced level
• Photo shooting, Video shooting & Recording process
• Lights, Sound check, Video check.
• Advanced Recording & Editing Sound and Video
• Producing in Professional Home Studios

Advanced Video Producer:
Photography: The Basic Principles
• Form and Structure of your Productions (Case Studies).
• Basic Colouring in Final Cut Pro X
• Titles, and frames.
• Multicam in Final Cut Pro X

Advanced Audio Production:
• Recording & Editing Digital Audio and MIDI data
• Programming & Automation modes in Logic
• Organising your material in Logic (Hide, Folders, Groups)
• Audio & MIDI Effects: organising units into groups.


This Module is already included in the following Diplomas:

The Video•Production Diploma

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