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The Contemporary Scene

Module Description

The contemporary scene is a fairly new space for the creative industries, the show biz, the music industry, fashion, publishing, the live industry and in general the global online business. What is the nature of the contemporary scene, and how is it different from the commercial scene? Is it profitable? Does it work with niche markets? Can “contemporary” be “commercial” at the same time? What are the rules, I any? What are the limitations, if any? What are the decisions you need to make as a professional? Just like the Commercial Scene Module, this module will provide questions. You will have to find the answers that suit you best.


This Module is already included in the following Diplomas:

The 3D•Singing ® Diploma, The 3D•Musical ® Diploma, The 3D•Acting ® Diploma, The Entertaining•Business Diploma, The MultimediArt Diploma

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