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The Commercial Scene

Module Description

The commercial scene, space or market is directly connected to the masses. The secret is to figure out what your consumers want, and consumers come in different shapes, colours, cultures, forms. Consumers are also called “fans” in the performing arts, “readers” in the publishing business, “followers” in the influencing business, customers or clients in the general business. How do you bring your needs and wishes to organically address and fulfil the needs and wishes of your audience? How do you put a price on a product? How do you create price plans or subscription tiers? How does the consumer scene operate for artists, artistic products -physical or digital-, and how do consumers react to online or physical sales? This module will provide questions mainly. You will have to find the answers that suit you best.


This Module is already included in the following Diplomas:

The 3D•Singing ® Diploma, The 3D•Musical ® Diploma, The 3D•Acting ® Diploma, The Entertaining•Business Diploma, The MultimediArt Diploma

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