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Structures & Styles

Module Description

From Ancient Greece to Baroque, from Classical and Romantic periods of art to modernism and post-modernism, this module takes you through a journey through structures, styles, artistic material organisational systems, the Golden Ration and the Fibonacci Sequence, so that you can understand that beauty for the human eye is not a result of random events. This is a must-attend module useful for all artists.


This Module is already included in the following Diplomas:

The 3D•Musical ® Diploma, The 3D•Singing ® Diploma, The 3D•Acting ® Diploma, The Audio•Production Diploma, The Video•Production Diploma, The Creative•Writing Diploma, The Alternative•Writing Diploma, The Lyric•Writing & Poetry Diploma, The Song•Writing Diploma, The Music•Composition Diploma, The MultimediArt Diploma

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