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Story Telling

Module Description

How do you tell a story? From a song -through its lyrics-, to a novel, a performance, a script for TV, radio or cinema, a video production, an audioBook, story telling is important to keep the attention of your audience, fans, readers or consumers. No matter what the medium is, a story is told in time and space. It has structure, peaks, a climax, a release time. Work with ideas, create stories, charts, designs of your story-telling process, and turn them into reality. Develop your personal identity through drama, humour, mystery, purpose. Enjoy the ride, the same way your audience will.


This Module is already included in the following Diplomas:

The YouTubeR Diploma, The Creative•Writing Diploma, The Alternative•Writing Diploma, The Lyric•Writing & Poetry Diploma, The 3D•Speech ® Diploma

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