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Social Media Management

Module Description

Social Media is a big part of communicational and promotional strategies today. They have come to be the main way we communicate directly with one another and they often play a role in measuring popularity. What is the difference of Social Media to Commercial Media and why they have become so important. How can one use these platforms wisely to communicate with their audience and which ones are suitable for you, your product(s), your public image, your brand and your business? How are Social Media part of the overall Media Planning Strategy and how can one automate continues presence? These are some of the topic we will be covering in this Module.


This Module is already included in the following Diplomas:

The 3D•Musical ® Diploma, The 3D•Singing ® Diploma, The 3D•Acting ® Diploma, The Audio•Production Diploma, The Video•Production Diploma, The YouTubeR Diploma, The Creative•Writing Diploma, The Alternative•Writing Diploma, The Lyric•Writing & Poetry Diploma, The Song•Writing Diploma, The Music•Composition Diploma, The 3D•Speech ® Diploma, The Entertaining•Business Diploma, The Online•Business Diploma, The MultimediArt Diploma

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