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Communication & Promotion

Module Description

Communication principles and development skills made easy. This module is our way to set a common base for understanding human behaviour when it comes to consuming. We will be taking about basic grouping of people’s needs and how people react to words (copy write, website and email marketing), how the tone of a voice affects the psychology of a customer (audio/video sales), how colours and light are important in video/online selling, and how many more other parameters play a role in our communication skills development. This Modules is the fundamental step to understanding human communications better, in order to start building promotional strategies and connecting with your audiences, followers, readers, fans, clients.


This Module is already included in the following Diplomas:

The 3D•Musical ® Diploma, The 3D•Singing ® Diploma, The 3D•Acting ® Diploma, The Audio•Production Diploma, The Video•Production Diploma, The YouTubeR Diploma, The Creative•Writing Diploma, The Alternative•Writing Diploma, The Lyric•Writing & Poetry Diploma, The Song•Writing Diploma, The Music•Composition Diploma, The 3D•Speech ® Diploma, The Entertaining•Business Diploma, The Online•Business Diploma, The MultimediArt Diploma

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