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Audio Production: Master Level

Module Description

Digital Production is a beautiful and complex art. Knowing your way around nobs and faders, buttons and plug-ins, does not make you a producer. What makes you a producer is understanding sound to such a level that you are in a position to make conscious decisions that will affect the production, in order to intentionally give an aesthetic final outcome.

Our approach is pretty simple:
• On the Basic Level we teach you everything technical.
• On the Advanced Level we develop your producers’ ears and invest in practical experience.
• On the Master Level we make you a professional producer, guiding you through the aesthetics, acoustic and philosophical issues of audio production.


Master Skills & Connectivity:
• Audio Recording in difficult environments.
• Master level Audio Editing techniques for noise management.
• Advanced MIDI manipulation (Keyboards, Controllers, MIDI interfaces).

Master Producer:
• Music Genres: aesthetics, philosophy of styles, goals and aims of audio production.
• The nature of Lyrics when used with Music (Case Studies).
• Lyric Technique: Internal Rhythm, Cycles, Phrases, Accents, Structures.
• Lyrics/Poetry, Song-Writing, Composing for Theatre/Cinema, Commercial Productions.

The Master Producer:
• Mixing Practice on a Master level.
• Mixing in Live Environments.
• Advanced Recording of Digital Sound.
• Advanced management of MIDI Data.
• Mixing for Cinema and Home Cinema.
• Experimental Approaches in Mixing.

Final Master Production
• Managing Audio Units on a Master level.
• Acoustics: frequencies, loudness, time factor and spaces.
• Advanced Compression Tools.
• Advanced Noise management.
• Automating and Programming Audio Units.
• Mastering Stereo tracks for release.


This Module is already included in the following Diplomas:

The Audio•Production Diploma

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