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Audio Production: Basic Level

Module Description

Digital Production is a beautiful and complex art. Knowing your way around nobs and faders, buttons and plug-ins, does not make you a producer. What makes you a producer is understanding sound to such a level that you are in a position to make conscious decisions that will affect the production, in order to intentionally give an aesthetic final outcome.

Our approach is pretty simple:
• On the Basic Level we teach you everything technical.
• On the Advanced Level we develop your producers’ ears and invest in practical experience.
• On the Master Level we make you a professional producer, guiding you through the aesthetics, acoustic and philosophical issues of audio production.


Introduction to Technical Issues:
• Apple & Logic: a Love Affair (historical background and technology development)
• Music Technology: Physical instrument emulation & Electronic Sound Synthesis.
• Logic Studio Applications: Sound Management in Mac OS & in Windows OS
• Mac OS X: Controlling Sound in your system
• Core MIDI & Core Audio
• Analogue Vs Digital Sound
• Digital Audio Formats (uncompressed and compressed formats)

The Producer:
• Opening Logic, Exploring the Interface
• Starting a project with Apple Loops
• Navigating in Logic, Productivity and Personal Settings
• Organising your material in Logic (Hide, Folders, Groups)
• Basic Mixing of a project and Exporting Stereo Tracks
• Editing Digital Audio (Sound)
• Editing MIDI (data)
• Programming & Automation modes

Mixing Principles:
• Mixing in Home Studio Environments (signal flow, channels, busses, auxiliaries)
• Automating a Mix

Final Production: The Basic Principles
• Audio & MIDI Effects: organising units into groups.
• Equalising.
• Reverb, Delay, Echo.
• Compression and Limiting.
• Noise Gates.
• Panning.
• Automating and Programming Audio Units.


This Module is already included in the following Diplomas:

The Audio•Production Diploma

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