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3D-Speech: Basic Level

Module Description

Knowing thyself:

The Basic level is introducing you to the world of the 3D•Speech® method. This is your personal vocal and existential reality projected to your audience. The Basic Level focuses on various aspects of how each and every one uses the body and the voice to engage the audience: the breathing cycles, the vocal tone, the natural and effortless expression. The method can be applied to business environments (public speaking, keynote presenting, negotiations), in educational environments (teachers, facilitators, group leaders, educators) and in the media world (TV presenters, YouTube influencers), and in politics (public figures delivering public speeches).

The Basic Level will teach you how to control your voice, your breathing, your tone, and position your voice accordingly to avoid fatigue. It will also teach you to "highlight" words and phrases, depending on the meaning and emotional charge you want to give. You will learn how to design your speech or presentation based on the provided tools, and you will develop your own personal “symbolic language” in order to create your acting design. You will also learn about grouping vowels and consonants, and use them to your own benefit.

On this level, you will be given:
• The “3D•Basic Tools ®”
• The “3D•Expression Tools ®”
• The “3D•Projection Tools ®”


This Module is already included in the following Diplomas:

The 3D•Speech ® Diploma, The Alternative•Writing Diploma, The Entertaining•Business Diploma, The Online•Business Diploma

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