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3D-Speech: Advanced Level

Module Description

Going deeper from Basic to Advanced:

On the Basic Level you were given the Basic, Expression and Projection Tools, focusing mainly on yourself, in order to control your vocal tone, breathing, intensity. On the Advanced Level, you will be focusing on the actual interaction with your audience: how to connect, how to lead, how to convince, how to inspire. To understand how this connection works, you will need to learn how to practically use the tools given during the Basic Level within time and space, in an emotional spectrum.

You will create a journey through time and space, in order to take your audience onboard, connect with them on a very intimate and personal level, become "one", while at the same time "lead". The dimensions of time and space are very crucial to all public speaking and presenting, as they are connected to management of sounds and silence.

On this level, you will be given the 3D•Performance Tools ® :
• 3D•Zooming®
• 3D•Time®
• 3D•Space®
And you practice the 3D•Connection ® :
• 3D•Vibrations ®
• 3D•Reflection ®


This Module is already included in the following Diplomas:

The 3D•Speech ® Diploma

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