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3D-Acting: Master level

Module Description

Mastering the performer within:

On the Master Level you will be going a step even further and a step even deeper into yourself, in order to connect and engage with the theatrical role and your audience. Your decisions in life affects your career, your conscious existence and your success. Loving your voice, your body, your soul and your self, is crucial to everything you do.

So, the time has come to explore your confidence, which is the first mile-stone of realising your true uniqueness, as a singer, a performer and a human being. On the Master Level, you will put together all the tools given to you during the Basic and the Advanced levels. You will be asked to put into action all the knowledge provided so far through the 3D•Acting® method. Through this process, you will come to realise how you can make conscious decisions in order to built your confidence and become aware of your uniqueness, in order to project that into your career.

On this level, you will be given:

The Master Level is a door to success, in terms of finding your true voice and your true needs, and wishes. This Master Class will coach you on ways to kick-start your acting career, and develop yourself as a performing artist and an individual. The journey is beautiful and fruitful, and nothing can ever go wrong! All you need to do is be yourself...


This Module is already included in the following Diplomas:

The 3D•Acting ® Diploma

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