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Logic Pro 11 Course

Sound Technology, Recording, Editing, Programming & Mixing
No previous experience or knowledge needed

Online Workshops


About this Course!


Apple Logic Pro 11 is here with outstanding features! 

The goal is for you to be able to create your own demo song, after completing all 16 Live Zoom workshops (2-3 hours each, 45+ hours in total).

Earn a Certificate from Veramand Academy by completing all 16 workshops!

No prior experience needed. 

If you use another DAW or an older version of Logic Pro X, this is for you ! 

Starts 8th June, ends 11th August. Hurry up! 

The Course is Perfect for: 

  • audio producers

  • dj-producers

  • home studio owners

  • song-writers

  • composers

  • singers & bands

  • music tech students 

  • session musicians

  • music educators


The best time to go deep into "Logic"

Christos 2_edited.jpg

Find out more about Christos here

Apple released Logic Pro 11 for Mac in May 2024 , and with the latest amazing features that no other DAW currently has, I can safely say that THIS IS THE BEST TIME to start using Logic Pro.


Why? Because you now have the tools to create a demo project or song in logic, without necessarily having any music theory background, and without knowing how to play any instrument. It comes 92 Gb material that includes over 5,900 instrument and effect patches, 1,200 sampled instruments, and 14,750 Apple Loops in a wide range of genres, symphonic libraries, pop/rock sounds, and a huge range of plug-insThis is also a free upgrade for anyone who already owns Logic, and a great value for money for anyone who is now buying a licence, and not, I repeat NOT a yearly subscription.

For the purposes of this course, you do not have to have Logic installed, but I strongly recommend it! If you have a previous version of Logic Pro X installed, and "cannot" upgrade to 11 for any reason, this course will still provide you with lots of information, techniques, knowledge, and tips from my experience with Sound Production.

My approach to teaching is quote different to what you will find on a pre-recorded tutorial. I mainly focus on the "art" of production through workflows and processes, instead of focusing on the tools and techniques alone. So, if you attend all 16 Live Zoom Workshops, in the order I designed the course, you will get a much better educational experience

And one more thing...


For those buying the bundle of all workshops, you will be receiving a Certificate of Attendance from  Veramand Academy, and an extra 30-min private session with me, as a bonus, where I can listen to your music and give you feedback, or answer any questions.


See you soon!

Christos  Krasidis

Get all the Workshops as a Bundle
or any of the sessions as an individual workshops!

16 Live Zoom Workshops with Q&A - More than 50 hours of Live Coaching


Payment Plan 1

All Workshops Bundle

PRICE 1.png

Get all 16 Live Zoom Workshops as a Pack. 

(You save: €370. Total value: €970)

Payment Plan 2

All Workshops Bundle

PRICE 2.png

Get all 16 Live Zoom Workshops as a Pack. 

2nd payment is due in the fist week of July

(You save: €190. Total value: €970)

Unlock Your Potential with Logic !

  • Turn your ideas into demo songs without needing music theory or playing an instrument.

  • Be the session player on piano, keyboards, bass, and drums, without any prior experience!

  • Import audio files, extract vocals, and create perfect karaoke tracks for you or your students.

  • Record, edit your voice, and mix it with playback tracks seamlessly.

  • Isolate vocals from your favourite songs and create unique remixes.

  • Produce professional-quality music from the comfort of your home!

The Content of the Course
Each Workshop is Live with a Q&A session.
You can choose to attend only the workshop(s) you want.
Checkout the registration link within
each workshop description.

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