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Online Sales, Copyright Management,
Communication, Promotion, iBusiness. 

Major: online business.
Minor: multimedia.

About the Course

The Online•Business Course is designed for everyone who wishes to create, manage and develop their own business online. Take your Business Thinking to the next level and make an income in the global internet market. Develop your mind processes into the creative business. Learn how to make online stores, use web-tools, and create passive income streams. Get comfortable with Public Speaking and produce productions & media to create passive income. Manage your business from anywhere. Get comfortable with the way things happen on the Internet and develop an eye to protect yourself from frauds. Discover the beauty of Creative Business and engage with clients globally. Start your professional career here with us. 

No previous experience needed.


  • Discover Your Business Thinking.

  • Become a confident Public Speaker.

  • Develop your communicational skills.

  • Get comfortable with Technology & the Internet.

  • Create a professional network.

  • Learn about Copyright & Intellectual Property.

  • Become a Professional in today’s global world.

  • Creating Passive Income

  • Promote yourself & your work.

Social network concept

Diploma Modules



Mobile Design


Web Projects
Artistic Pages, Method Websites, NGO websites, webBooks and more...

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"Στιγμές Διαύγειας" της Ευαγγελίας Σωκράτους
3D•Silence ® method
"Παραμύθια για Anyλύκους" της Περσεφόνης Κρασίδου
HIV ENDS with me
3D•Musical ® method
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