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Compose & produce your music for TV, cinema & theatre.
Release your music with us.

Major: music composition.
Minor: sound production.

About the Course

The Music•Composition Course is designed for the people who express themselves through composing music in various formats: instrumentals, songs, soundtracks, for theatre, for cinema...

Listen, Learn, Create, Produce more. Learn to record, mix and produce your music. Become a professional Music Composer and release your work. Find out how the Music Business operates and kick-start your career starting here. 

No previous experience needed.


  • Develop your artistic internal voice.

  • Discover your Creative Identity as a composer.

  • Write more music, in various forms.

  • Experiment on new ways of creativity.

  • Promote your works to the world market.

  • Get your own professional website.

  • Create a network of artists and other professionals.

  • Promote yourself and your music compositions.

  • Release your music via our Music Label.

Piano Player

Diploma Modules