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Contemporary Creative Writing, Productions & Media.
Release audioBooks, webBooks, iBooks, and more.

Major: creative writing, multimedia production.
Minor: online business.

About the Course

The Alternative•Writing Course is a contemporary creative writing course, designed especially for the people who go beyond traditional writing. Turn your words and stories into sound and digital forms of books, iBooks, audioBooks, eBooks and webBooks. Analyse, structure, compose, develop your story-telling skills, and publish them to the global online Market via our Publishing Department. Become a Professional Author and release or present your work live. Find out how the Publishing Business operates, manage your intellectual property and kick-start your writer's career here, with us. 

No previous experience needed.


  • Develop your writer's voice.

  • Discover your identity as an Author.

  • Write, produce and publish your works.

  • Experiment on new forms of creativity.

  • Promote your works to the world market.

  • Get your own professional website.

  • Create a network of artists and other professionals.

  • Learn how you can promote yourself and your books.

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Diploma Modules




Some of our writing work

"Ενοχ(λητ)ικά" της Μαρίας Τσιάκκα
"Blue Pail Fever" της Θέκλας Γεωργίου
"Ωρες" της Μαρίας Τσιάκκα
"Στιγμές Διαύγειας" της Ευαγγελίας Σωκράτους
"Αινίγματα" - Εκπαιδευτικό Βιβλίο
"Παραμύθια για Anyλύκους" της Περσεφόνης Κρασίδου
"Καρότσι" της Έλενας Χειλέτη
"Δελτίο Καιρού" - Εκπαιδευτικό Βιβλίο
"Ζητείται" της Ευαγγελίας Σωκράτους
"Χρόνος" - Ομαδική Έκδοση
"Ποιήματα που Φοριούνται" - Εκπαιδευτικό Βιβλίο
"Ο Πόνος Μετράει Αντίστροφα" της Ευαγγελίας Σωκράτους
"Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?" by Persephoni Krasidou
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